• Why Jugni

Why Jugni

No big words, the basic concept behind starting Jugni is to make women travel. In today’s society, every women wants to travel and explore but considering the busy schedules, partner dependency, social stigma and other reasons, only a handful are able to convert their thoughts into action. We, at Jugni, believe that if there is a thought of travel in you, we’ll plan and execute it for you. And if there isn’t a thought, then you should know why you’d be travelling:


The hesitance to moving out of the comfort zone is within all of us. However, at every stride we take in our lives, we do so. Remember how you gave first time gave your board exams, how you joined college leaving your school besties, how life changed from fun filled college to 12 hour corporate job and so on. First dive into the water is never smooth but the first feeling of overcoming the fear of gushing through the water makes you jump and jump again. Travelling does the same to you. Once you take the first step, you’d love to climb the staircase.


You’re certainly a master in your domain but the famous saying is that you should also be a jack of all trades. We all read about majestic Himalayas, beautiful Rajasthan, untouched North-East and other travel destinations but visiting these places is an absolute different experience. You get the first-hand view of the life of the people and learn much more about their lifestyles, foods, experiences etc.


Going out of the way to experience something that your mind doesn’t allow you to do easily is adventure. Out of your mundane lifestyles of city where you have access to everything, travelling takes you on the road to adventure. It could start with a trekking in an untouched area, rock climbing to test your stamina, rapping to get the fear of water out of yourself, watersports that will refresh you to get back to city until you want to experience the next level.


Whoaaa. It’s always an amazing feeling to be a centre of attraction of a group. Travel gives you stories that nobody else has. Even a same destination is viewed differently by two people. The pictures stay with you for a lifetime and every time you travel, you come across new friends, new memories and fresh experiences.


At last, a woman who travels is an inspiration for all who wish to enjoy the same freedom one day. Probably you are taking your next trip because you’re inspired by a friend, a colleague, a relative or a story. Imagine how fulfilling the feeling would be if you’re the reason behind another woman taking up her next trip. In a country where women have grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade, you could be another reason for them to look up to.

It certainly involves a great deal of decision making and going against the odds but, we believe, Jugnis will overcome the obstacles like they have done for generations.

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