Japan, Here I Come! A Girl’s Guide to Solo Travel in Japan

15 Jan, 2024

Japan, Here I Come! A Girl’s Guide to Solo Travel in Japan

The land of the rising sun is filled with a lot of experiences to offer. The land of Japan is such where everything just works. A land of convenience, a land of delicious food, paradox, and where respect permeates through every part of society and culture, making solo travel in Japan a worthwhile experience. It can also get overwhelming while travelling to a new country for the first time. Going solo makes it a little more intimidating. But we have got you covered. This crisp but detailed guide to solo travel in Japan will make it easier.

Travelling in Japan
Witness cherry blossom in the cultural Japan

Travelling to Japan from India

The only and the best way to reach Japan is by air. A number of connecting as well as direct flights operate from India to Japan. The major airports in Japan are Osaka International Airport, Narita Airport, Haneda and Kansai Airports. Most of the flights arrive at Haneda Airport in Tokyo from India. India to Japan flight distance is approx. 5968 km and it takes around 5 to 6 hours to reach Japan from India. Direct flight connectivity is from Delhi only whereas you will get connecting flights from other cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc.

Scoring a Visa for Japan

Any foreign visitor entering Japan must have a valid passport for the duration of their stay, and all visitors must comply with the conditions of their visas. The application must be filed at VFS Japan – the official visa application centre for the Japan Embassy in India. The process is similar to the Schengen visa application, with return flights, accommodation bookings, and bank statements needed to score the visa. If you are a first time traveller from India, you have to prove you financial capacity to fund your travel and the main document along with your passport that is required is your income tax return. As a women only trip to Japan, we will help you every step of the way to make the visa process smoother.women only trip to Japan, we will help you every step of the way to make the visa process smoother.

Mt. Fuji in winters

Best Time to Visit

Japan is a delight to visit year round. With every season having its own highlights. From cherry blossoms in spring and festivals in summer, to the stunning foliage of autumn and epic skiing in winter. Each season with gives you an unforgettable experience. It all depends on what you want to experience in the country. As the most beautiful charm of the country, cherry blossoms are a crowd puller, the spring season get expensive and overcrowded. The summers are majorly typhoon season in Japan which means rainfall and extreme humidity. But it is the best time to visit to see the snow monkeys. During winters, the cities are far less crowded and December boasts the maximum probability of witnessing Mt. Fuji. If you are planning a female only trip to Japan, it is advisable to make your bookings in advance to avoid any last minute hassle.

Packing essentials

It is very important to pack right while going on a solo trips. In this guide to solo travel in Japan, we have compiled a list as per the seasons of the items that you must take with you. It is also important to see what part of the country you are visiting. But few items are a must if you are on a solo female trip. Check out this list for some must pack items

  • Towels : Most of the establishments charge you extra for towels while others don’t offer one. It is essential to pack your own.
  • Universal Adapter : Some points might not support your regular plugs, a universal adapter is a life-saver, regardless of the country.
  • Pack in layers : If you are visiting multiple locations or you are unsure of the weather, it is good to pack layers. You can always be safe when you have layered clothing.
  • Sanitisers : Most public restrooms might not have soap, always a safe option to have some sanitiser.
  • Slip ons : It is advisable to pack shoes that are easy to slip on and off as a lot of places require you remove your shoes off.

As these are few things that are absolutely important, we suggest to pack light for your solo trip to Japan. As most public transport have limited space for keeping your luggage. But Japan also offers a wonderful luggage forwarding facility in case you are like us and can’t pack light.

Must See Spots

Japan is filled with wondrous spots to see. It might get difficult to curate a trip with so many options. So we have got you with our guide to solo travel in Japan. Check out this list below of the places you must visit as a first time traveller in Japan.

  • Tokyo
  • Kyoto
  • Nagasaki Peace Park
  • Fuji Five Lakes
  • Shibuya
  • Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
  • Kansai
  • Sensō-ji
  • Daibutsu in Nara and Nara Deer Park

You can include all these spots on your itinerary as these can easily be covered through rail in the country. On our women only trip to Japan we have included most of these attractions. If you are a female who wants to take a solo trip to Japan but are unsure of going all alone, join us on our adventure.


  • What is the currency used in Japan?

The Japanese currency is Yen. It is always advisable to carry cash in Japan. The more the cash, the easier it gets to navigate.

  • Is travelling within Japan easy?

The Japanese rail network is one of the best in the world. From bullet trains to regular trains, it is widely connected to every corner of the country. It is also the most suggested mode of transport in Japan. You can even buy a Japanese rail pass for smooth and easy conveyance.

  • When do I bow?

It is very common to get confused when visiting Japan with the customary bow. As a foreigner you must always be wondering when to bow. You must always bow in response to someone else bowing. You can bow while entering any establishment. But don’t over do it, especially in public places and supermarkets.

  • Is travel insurance mandatory in Japan?

Although it is not mandatory to buy travel insurance in Japan, it is highly recommended to get one.

  • Is language a barrier for tourists?

If you know English you can easily navigate through the country without much hassle. We suggest you to learn a few phrases that will enhance your experience with locals and the overall trip.

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