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08 May, 2024

Going to Turkey has always been my dream ...Thanks to Jugni who helped me to make this dream come true. This was my first international trip, I think words can't describe how beautiful my journey had been with them. Amazing service and Amazing people ..didn't even feel like I am meeting them for the first time. P.s- A very special thanks to Tamanna, our group leader- gem of a person! She is very kind, transparent and genuine.. looking forward to doing many more tours with them!!!

Soniya panwar

08 May, 2024

Everything was perfect and perfectly-arranged We just returned from our trip to Turkey. It was my first time booking with Jugni and thanks to them, it made my Turkey trip joyous and memorable one. It was an amazing experience and well planned trip from Jugni. We faced no issues there and everything was planned to the point and on time . Thanks to Tamanna, owner of Jugni who was always there for us. She always gave her response immediate for any queries and helped us planed our trip smoothly. I still have the hangover of this Turkey trip . I would recommend Jugni to anyone and would like to plan my next trip with them soon. Thank you Jugni for making my last 8 days memorable!!!

Swarnali Roy

05 May, 2024

This was my first trip with Jugni. Want to express my gratitude for your sincere effort to make our trip not only special but unforgettable. Itinerary was just perfect for a 8 nights plan. Mind-blowing hotels and sightseeing. But icing on the cake was the fellow passengers who were like just made of to do a turkey trip together..few like minded super funny people met and made the travel life time experience. The tour leader Tamanna is the best I have come across in this industry. Her temperament, her passion, her caring side is of another level. She unwaveringly provided customized attention to each of us..I have been part to many women tours earlier with different travel companies but JUGNI appears to be the BEST..looking forward to many such trips with Jugni.

anusha Thallam

26 April, 2024

Just 10 days back, I made an impromptu travel plan to Ladakh and started looking for curated trips. Fortunately, I found Jugni operating in conducive dates for me and also had slots. Finally, I went for a trip with them from April 9- 16. Our trip coordinator Nitesh, who also happens to be owner of Jugni was personally available at almost all times to respond to our questions and concerns before embarking on the trip, which was very assuring to start. There was no rush about the payments though it was a short notice. I also had my 16 year old niece joining me in this trip from other state of India and Nitesh took additional effort without any fuss to book her intercity tickets and accompany her through part of her journey. The travel group was only 8 plus our trip coordinator Nitesh. Since it was a small group, we could make good connections and friends. Nitesh himself was very friendly and approachable and it always felt like we were travelling as friends than with a trip operator. He took lots of amazing pics for us while we were experiencing the beauty around. Also, Good care and concern was exercised regarding our acclamatization in Leh and lots of consideration to our health while travelling to further high altitude places. The Stonehedge hotel at Nubra valley, where we stayed 2 nights, was very well chosen. It was dream come true experience there. Also, Nitesh arranged for a local cuisine experience in a homestay at Turtuk village, which is close to my heart and an unforgettable experience. It was very nice of Nitesh to accommodate a monastery visit in Disket on one of the days to accommodate for a fellow traveller who had to leave early. However, there are some areas which could have been definitely done better especially considering they did multiple trips to Ladakh in last 10 years and had established contacts there. For example, non availability of Rafting , landing in almost closed market in Leh on day 2 could have been checked before, little more exploration around Turtuk village like visiting Thang village could have been done and the expectation is only since we did had time. The planning of the days to have fulfilled engagement could have been better as most of the times we ended up landing in market (on non travel days, on an average we had max 4 hours of day planned..). Additionally, info about local food places and optional places like Hall of fame, Bungee at the most beautiful yet scariest place, ATV rides, Rancho's school etc. should have come from Jugni than from our own exploration. Last, not least, the experience at hotel Leh Plaza where we ended up staying more than 5 nights was not so great at all. It is very conveniently located near to market and airport but absence of proper heating system and had to waste tons of water to get hot water, these things made our experience compromised. I hope Jugni takes this feedback positively and improves the experience for future travellers which could include me. By the way most of the stars are for undeniably good hospitality from Jugni and friendly coordinator Nitesh.

sameeksha rajpuria

12 September, 2023

Bhutan is gods own country where you feel peace of mind ,buddhism value,soo much greenery . while going to up side passing through mountain clouds were so down that it was like you can touch it and feel it , it was flabbergasted experience. I feel very safe at Bhutannas it is my first trip to Bhutan.Thanks to Jugni travel for providing us best tour manager Jatin, aastha, kratika for organising our whole trip like accommodation, food and travel . Even our tour guide and drivers are also good, they were very knowledgeable and help us to give an embarking experience of Dzong ,museum, monestary and their culture, architecture . Our group was giant but very awesome people with very amazing heart, it was very comfortable to travel with them..I miss them all..for those who are willing to go on solo trip must experience Jugni travel.

Chetali Batra

12 September, 2023

I am so glad that I did my first solo travel trip to Vietnam (Sep’23) with Jugni. Tamanna, thank you for helping us out with almost everything. She has been so kind and supportive. Vietnam has less options for vegetarians so she carried around 70+ Theplas for all of us so that we don’t starve when there’s nothing to eat. That was so thoughtful. I loved all the 4-5 star properties we stayed in. The itinerary was very well organised. Looking forward to many more trips with Jugni. I brought back a bag full of memories along with my shopping bags :D and I met some like minded beautiful girls who inspired me to live life to the fullest. I am so proud of each one of them for taking time out for their dreams. I made some amazing friends along the way. This was my first experience and it was worth it. ❤️


21 August, 2023

I recently had the privilege of embarking on a once-in-a-lifetime journey to Bhutan with Jugni Travels, and let me tell you, it was an experience beyond compare! Our tour guides Kratika, Jatin and Astha were the true architects of this remarkable adventure. From the moment we landed in Bagdogra, their expertise and enthusiasm set the tone for an incredible expedition. One of the many things I appreciated about this journey was the careful balance between planned activities and free time. It allowed us to shop at vibrant markets, and savor the delectable Bhutanese cuisine. The Jugni Travels team demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, ensuring that every aspect of the trip ran seamlessly. The accommodations were comfortable and well-selected, providing us with a cozy retreat after each day's exploration. The attention to detail, from transport arrangements to cultural interactions, was truly commendable. Thank you, Jugni Travels, for an unforgettable expedition. With immense gratitude, Kriti

Mamta Goyal

09 May, 2023

I visited Bhutan with Jugni in May 2023. It was my first trip and one that I will always remember fondly. I met amazing people and discovered many things about bhutan. The lightheartedness of Nitesh made the trip so much better. The hotel, the trek and all the activities were so wonderfully planned. Definitely recommend and waiting for my next trip with Jugni.

Anjali Alisha

15 April, 2023

Trip to Turkey April2k23 This was my dream, yes, you heard it right, it was my dream. After the pandemic, while heading to my office, I met with an accident and was on complete bed rest for 3 months. I was completely broken down and almost felt like I was in depression. I randomly started watching Turkish series back-to-back and I think I just fell in love with Turkey. One day, I said to my mom, "I will go to Istanbul." She said, "First start walking," and it took me an entire year to walk properly. One day, while scrolling through Instagram, I saw a reel from Jugni Travel and just randomly started following them. Exactly 1 year and 3 months after my accident, I started working, and one fine day, I saw a post that they were starting their trip to Turkey. I was confused and had so many questions whether I should go with Jugni or not. I went through their page again and read all the reviews. I finally asked them about the trip details and had some questions and doubts that were cleared by Tamanna and Ekta. I was still wondering whether I should go with them or not, but finally, I decided to book the trip. If it's not now, then when? I started my solo trip with Jugni and met the rest of the Jugni team for the first time, but it felt like I knew them before. Nitesh, the founder of Jugni, was there on this entire trip, and he made us laugh with his amazing sense of humor. He took care of us like a big brother during the entire trip. Everything on this Turkey trip was superb, including the accommodation, food, sightseeing, late-night parties, and gossip. Let me just end the review by saying, "Thank you, Jugni Travel, for an unforgettable trip. I would love to travel with you again and would recommend you to my girls and ladies."


16 January, 2023

Trip to Phuket & Krabi - Sept'22 Since the pandemic began to slow down, I craved to restart my travel. Only women travel groups would work for me, and I started searching the available options. I came across Jugni through Google reviews and their fantastic social media presence. Well, as a lady trying to travel alone, there are a million questions & doubts from all sides! Nitesh and Ekta from Jugni were super calm while answering every single one of my query! Hats off to their patience, this surely does build our confidence!! I narrowed down my search to Jugni after enquiring with 3 other agents and found them to have the best itineraries no doubt! Phuket&Krabi seemed to align correctly and hence started a memorable journey for me along with all the other Jugnis who were part of our rocking group. We were lucky to have Nitesh lead us. His presence & great sense of humor creates a great vibe. He is extremely responsible and the best part - you are sure to get awesome pictures clicked by him! The itinerary in itself was perfect, also giving us extra flexibility to alter based on our interests at the destination. Nitesh did the needful to accommodate everyone's likes/dislikes and kept the group happy and content till the end. All the arrangements done were amazing, right from the hotels chosen for stay, the restaurants where we dined, each place we visited, local cuisines...everything! I had an incredible journey :) And here I am already finalizing my next trip with Jugni :D

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