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16 January, 2023

Trip to Phuket & Krabi - Sept'22 Since the pandemic began to slow down, I craved to restart my travel. Only women travel groups would work for me, and I started searching the available options. I came across Jugni through Google reviews and their fantastic social media presence. Well, as a lady trying to travel alone, there are a million questions & doubts from all sides! Nitesh and Ekta from Jugni were super calm while answering every single one of my query! Hats off to their patience, this surely does build our confidence!! I narrowed down my search to Jugni after enquiring with 3 other agents and found them to have the best itineraries no doubt! Phuket&Krabi seemed to align correctly and hence started a memorable journey for me along with all the other Jugnis who were part of our rocking group. We were lucky to have Nitesh lead us. His presence & great sense of humor creates a great vibe. He is extremely responsible and the best part - you are sure to get awesome pictures clicked by him! The itinerary in itself was perfect, also giving us extra flexibility to alter based on our interests at the destination. Nitesh did the needful to accommodate everyone's likes/dislikes and kept the group happy and content till the end. All the arrangements done were amazing, right from the hotels chosen for stay, the restaurants where we dined, each place we visited, local cuisines...everything! I had an incredible journey :) And here I am already finalizing my next trip with Jugni :D

J S Chithra

03 January, 2023

I recently traveled to Azerbaijan with Jugni travels and had an amazing experience. From the moment I booked my trip, the team at Jugni, Nitesh and Ekta, were incredibly helpful and attentive. They answered all of my questions and made sure that every aspect of my trip was well-planned. The overall organization of the trip was top-notch. Jugni travels really knows how to show you the best of what the country has to offer. They took us to all of the must-see sites and also introduced some off-the-beaten-path destinations that I never would have discovered on my own. The local guide, Leyla, that Jugni travels provided was knowledgeable and friendly. But what really sets Jugni travels apart is their commitment to providing an authentic and immersive travel experience. They go above and beyond to make sure that you not only see the sights, but also continue to feel happy as you already away from home. For this Nitesh comes to your rescue with his on the spot witty sense (you could relate only if you experience). Before starting the trip, I thought how it would be traveling with strangers in an unknown place. But the assumption was completely proved wrong with engaging us in post travel sessions to break the ice. This made fellow traveller's become great acquaintance and friends from complete strangers. I highly recommend Jugni travels for anyone considering a trip with them. They truly go above and beyond to make sure that you have a memorable and enriching trip.


03 January, 2023

I travelled with Jugni on their new years trip to Azerbaijan. The experience with Jugni was beyond anything I expected from an organised group vacation. This was an experience filled with stories, emotions and memories that will last a life time. We travelled some of the rarely visited exquisite locations, explored their cultures, tasted their cusines and even got to participate in their celebrations. While the days were filled with strolls around beautiful Azerbaijani cities of Baku and Ganja, or the mountainous town of Shaki, the evenings were filled with pure fun and games. I enjoyed our evening sessions particularly where we got to connect with our fellow jugnis through shared drinks and stories. The trip was very well planned and managed. In the beginning Ekta communicated all the details about the trip proactively and helped ease anxiety of a first time solo traveller like me. In Lyla - our local tour guide, we got an assuring presence in an unknown country - helping us with everything from knowing our destinations, keeping us on time to translating our restaurant bills. Lastly Nitesh - the founder of Jugni, and our companion throughout the trip - he managed to make even the most mundane bus journeys memorable with his jokes, and knack for story telling. He had told me that he started Jugni not to just visit places, but to meet new people and connect with them; and this personal mission of his is very well reflected in the kind of experience his jugnis get throughout the trip. I am truly thankful to Jugni for this amazing amazing trip and here's hoping for many such new year trips with them 🥂

Dr. Kashefa Peerzada

02 January, 2023

Wow, a Smash-hit mega-hit ten-strike trip! Gugni Travel is not only the best safest women travel but also provides Superlative Service right from booking tickets and handling minute personal queries. It is a highly professional travel organization right from the itinerary to drop off at the airport, to fly back home their attention to detail and consideration for clients is simply superb and Unmatchable. When I signed up for this tour, I had apprehensions and fears as this was my life's first ever solo travel with strangers, and Jugni Travel could erase all of it on the very first day. It was superb week discovering Baku, Azerbaijan ( a few more cities), an unparalleled opportunity to explore Azerbaijan right from its old cities, to modern Nizami streets and mesmerizing countryside villages and much more! Overall, the itinerary and accommodations were excellent. Moreover, many small activities viz fun group gathering every night and an interesting sharing of stories, truly making impeccable connections are just so memorable. I do not have enough words for our tour leader, Mr. Nitesh Chauhan, who was so passionate, engaging, entertaining, and caring. Alongside our lovely local guide enthralled us with the history of various places and was so well-informed and participated enthusiastically in all the activities. I deeply admire dedicated work you guys do day after day; dearest Nitesh, Tamanna, and Ekta! I cannot thank you enough! The service Jugni provided was indeed above and beyond my expectations. I will surely travel again with Jugni and would highly highly recommend this organization to any girl or woman of any age group wanting the safest, fun, and entertaining holidays. I would put my Jugni trip into the AAA+ category.

rachna puthran

28 December, 2022

If you love, wish, desire to travel and have been yearning to tick your bucket list for a while but don't know how, just go with Jugni Travels. It's safe, convenient and fun. This trip to Turkey in Nov 2022, was my first solo trip with an organised group. Beginning with skepticism, joyful and mesmerising through out and memorable in the end. It still feels so fresh and always brings a smile on my face. The group or Jugnis as they say is full of some rockstar girls, very dynamic and so full of life. The common thread binding this group together with his fun and master photography skillsis Nitesh. You go alone but come back with some sweet memories and some cherishable friendships in the end. Go for it women!!


20 December, 2022

MAGICAL MEGHALAYA This winter I wanted to do a ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’ after a few google searches I zeroed on the Meghalaya Trip with Jugni Travels This was my first trip with Jugni so with apprehensions in my mind and nervousness in my steps I tread on to this Journey And what a journey it was, reminisce of love, laughter and incredibly good times From Fun filled Bus rides where he gave up his seat to make room for the extra luggage brought by his sweet passengers, To the witty one liners To ensuring our gastronomical delight with the best of local cuisine To taking us to the most picturesque locations and clicking innumerable pictures without a hint of fatigue ,even getting the shy ones to pose Because nothing absolutely nothing can make a Girl happier than a GOOD PICTURE The Boy wonder, the CEO Nitesh surely knows how to ace this. Travelling is a feeling where memories are created & the moments are relived forever and nothing should stop you from creating these Memories for YOURSELF Jugni has given wings to the solo travelling females to travel without any inhibitions. Cheers to Nitesh and looking forward to many more trips with JUGNITRAVELS Keep curating such awesome trips and spreading smiles in the process.

Sharda Lal

16 December, 2022

A trip with a bunch of girls was long due and it finally happened with Jugni in October 2019 to Baku, Azerbaijan. I was nervous, apprehensive and anxious about how this is going to span out but I happened to meet a group of wonderful women and trust me we had a fabulous time in those 5 days. Each one of them has given me a special memory that I will cherish all my life. The guy who runs Jugni, Nitesh is very professional and complete entertainer. ( he sings fabulously , makes you laugh and has some amazing stories to share) Thank you Nitesh for making sure everyone in the group laughs till their stomach and jaws hurt, you can easily give any stand up comedian a tough competition. And most of all thank you for clicking our fantastic pictures even after getting अंगूठे पर नील. 😂 Keep laughing and make everyone laugh always.

Jaspreet Bakshi

16 December, 2022

Baku - 1st to 5th October 2019.. Travel is like an addiction and I can never have enough of it. With every travel, I have always grown as an individual. Azerbaijan was my first ever trip in a group since I have always travelled either solo or with family. Jugni for me is doing an exquisite job of bringing people together from all walks of life and binding them in a family for lifetime.Thank you “Nitesh Chauhan” for arranging an amazing trip and a delightful experience in Azerbaijan. Your fun-loving personality is such a wonderful asset which immediately puts everyone at ease when traveling in unknown territories. I am beholden for the marvellous experience of seeing a charming country and meeting all the lovely girls. At the end of every trip, I’ve always thought to myself, But I just got here. Reality is a harsh thing and in no time, after adding life long friends to my list, I repeated the dreaded sentence; We’ll see each other soon. All these are the array of emotions I went through in 5 days travelling with Jugni. I shared memories, looked at photos and got the biggest grin on my face. I am still reflecting on how much this trip taught me. Keep up the great work, stay blessed and keep spreading the smiles. Merci beaucoup for everything Jugni.


14 December, 2022

One of the best decision I took recently was to celebrate my birthday at Turkey with Jugni travel. Jugni Team is THE BEST in organizing all kind of trips, providing continuous real time support and guidance. I always felt safe and well taken care of on the entire trip while enjoying the beautiful places in carefree manner! Looking forward to join many more trips in upcoming years ❤️

Shradha Abhilash

13 December, 2022

Late but definitely not the last to write a review!!! Once a jugni always will be a jugni traveller now and I have decided this since my turkey trip in Nov’22. In the beginning I was way too skeptical about it as to how it would be travelling with all unknown people around but trust me when I was say this that after a couple of days we were like a family ♥️ For me travelling with Jugnis was a much needed therapy and it totally did justice to me. I am so so thankful to Mr.Nitesh and Ms. Ekta for helping us till the end of the trip. Mr. Nitesh was very friendly and honestly he is a powerhouse of jokes which comes naturally to him. He is a total entertainment during the trip and he will never make you feel low. We were lucky enough we got you😀 Ladies you are just a click away from booking. Just go ahead before someone else books the seat. I can’t wait for my next trip with Jugni😍

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