Discovering New Cultures Through Solo Travel on Girls Only Trip

05 Dec, 2023

Discovering New Cultures Through Solo Travel on Girls Only Trip

Just like travelling is food for soul, a solo trip is a like a breath of fresh air. Imagine roaming through lanes and streets of a place you have never been on your own. It fills your heart with a lot of complex emotions but it also fills you with immense sense of independence and self confidence.

Travelling on your own opens your horizon about new places and allows you to appreciate the culture of the place. Taking a solo trip might seem daunting especially if you want to travel out of the country. We at Jugni, enable such travellers to enjoy the freedom of a solo trip with a safety net. Take a girls only trip with like minded people who are also explorers like yourself and discover landscapes and places that you have always been dreaming about. Below are few international women only trips that will allow you to explore the varied cultures all around the world.

A Beachy Adventure in Phuket and Krabi

Filled with some of the world’s best white-sand beaches, seaside resorts, and cultural attractions, Phuket is an ideal getaway for a solo trip for girls. Those who love the sun and the ocean, it will be an experience of the lifetime. Witness the wonders of nature and the rich heritage of Thailand as you visit this tropical island in the Andaman Sea and make the most out of your trip with the top Phuket tourist attractions!

Your fun doesn’t just stop here. While exploring the exotic beaches, breathtaking temples, and azure blue sea of Krabi islands, Thailand brings several surprises for its visitors. While Krabi bring the views of breathtaking limestone cliffs rising straight out of the emerald green water. Phuket offers sparkle and shine through its famous cabaret and bustling market. Explore this varied culture with us on our women only trip to Thailand

Girls only trip to Thsiland
Explore the beaches of Thailand with women only trip

Feel the Divine Force in the Majestic Nepal

Take a trip to the “Land of Himalayas” for an everlasting adventure. Experience a whirlwind of culture, spirituality, and breathtaking landscapes in the Nepal. Step into the enchanting Kathmandu Durbar Square, where ancient temples and intricate architecture narrate the captivating tales of Nepal’s profound history. Feel the vibrant energy at Swayambhunath as you embark on a mesmerizing spiritual journey.

But hold on, the excitement has just begun! Venture into the picturesque town of Pokhara, where the serene Phewa Lake mirrors the majestic Annapurna range, leaving you breathless. Take a trek to Sarangkot which will lead you to awe-inspiring sunrise vistas. So, don’t miss this chance and take a girls only trip to this magnificent location.

Women only trip to Nepal

Uncover Japan’s Hidden Jewels

Renowned as the ‘land of the rising sun, Japan stands as a nation of varied experiences. Steeped in culture, traditions, adorned with shrines, snow-draped mountains, volcanoes, islands, and the breathtaking cherry blossoms, it has a culture that needs to be explored. The diverse landscapes of this country promise a wealth of discoveries for eager travelers.

From indulging in the vibrant nightlife of Tokyo to finding serenity in the tranquil village of Oshino Hakkai, Japan has plethora of experiences to offer. When in Japan you cannot forget the panoramic views of Mt. Fuji, transporting you to an enchanting realm beyond imagination. So take your girls solo trip to Japan with us.

Women travel groups
Witness cherry blossom in the cultural Japan

Wandering through Picturesque Turkey

Turkey boasts of a rich culture and history. It blends experiences from both the east and the west. You can explore historical marvels like Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Turkey also offers a wide range if landscapes to explore. From the fairy-tale-like landscapes of Cappadocia to the pristine beaches along the Mediterranean coast, it has it all. While discovering the land, take a step back and relax in the hammams of Turkey.

From enjoying the hot air balloon rides to exploring the timeless cultural heritage of the land. The country is like an open museum blossoming with museums, archaeological parks, and ancient ruins that will transport you back in time. Take a women only trip to Turkey with us.

Solo trip to Turkey
Witness history unfold at every step in Turkey

A Dual Country Escapade to Azerbaijan and Georgia

One of the most exotic locations that is also very cheap to explore, Azerbaijan is a gem to be explored on a girls only trip. It is not only safe but also a very beautiful country. While exploring Azerbaijan you can also take a slight turn and also discover the beautiful lands of Georgia. Both these countries have a very wide landscapes to explore.

Azerbaijan is known for handicrafts such as pottery, silk scarves and jewelry and has a beautiful culture to explore. Sparkling skyscrapers, oil boom mansions and a medieval old town make Baku the most attractive destination for architecture fans in the region. Georgia today is by far the most visited country in the South Caucasus. Take a girls only trip to these country and enjoy the loving history and nature on the grandest of scales.

Solo trip to Baku
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