Rejuvenate and Reconnect amidst nature and serenity : Solo Trip for Girls to Pondicherry

21 Oct, 2023

Rejuvenate and Reconnect amidst nature and serenity : Solo Trip for Girls to Pondicherry

Searching for a destination for your next solo trip? Explore the quite sub-urbs in Pondicherry. Located on the Eastern coast, just 3 hours away from Chennai, this place will remind you of France with its french architecture and historical influence. Along with this, the beautiful seashore will cleanse your soul and If you are wondering why should you take a solo trip to Pondicherry? Here are three reasons that will definitely convince you to make your bookings right away!

Find a little bit of France, at every corner!

As you step into the French quarters set just back from the promenade along the seafront, you dive into a gentle European fragrance. Once-residential courtyards thick with greenery and sweet-smelling flowers that have now reinvented into house caf├ęs and restaurants where French cuisine meets Indian and other South Asian cooking. You can explore the pleasuring and mysterious calm of the area through various art galleries, boulangeries, antiques emporia and boutiques. The ample for bakeries with mouth watering delicacies will definitely make you stay longer than intended. This can be an exciting solo trip for women in India with loads to explore and experience.

French quarters of Pondicherry | Solo women travel idea
Explore the french quarters on your next solo trip to Pondicherry.

Find your solace in the city of Auroville

Looking to escape the chaos and spent some time with yourself, the city of Auroville provides you the best hideout. An experimental city built on a wasteland north of Pondicherry, designed in a spiralling galaxy pattern with the French architect Roger Anger, Auroville houses one of the largest meditation centre, called the Matrimandir. You can just stay in the city on your pondicherry solo trip and experience the spiritual bliss you have been always searching. Auroville will be like a fresh break from the daily chaos of our lives as it has a very unique community and philosophy, making it attractive place for people to visit.

Matrimandir in Auroville
Find your inner self at the Matrimandir meditation centre on the next Pondicherry solo travel.

Shorelines that will take your breadth away

Still wondering if Pondicherry solo travel is the right pick for you? Check out the pristine shorelines with shimmering water and golden beaches. A heaven for all the water babies out there, the beaches of Pondicherry provide a lot of activities to indulge into. Surfing being one of the most sought after adventure, you can also try scuba diving, kayaking or just simply losing yourself into the sea on a boat. The beaches of Pondicherry like the Rock beach brings before you a rare phenomena to catch the sun rising from the water as they are east facing beaches. So, surrender yourself to the water on this trip and be reborn into a more energetic, humble being.

If taking a solo trip to Pondicherry feels like a huge task, you can simple book with us on our next adventure there. We provide solo trip packages to Pondicherry where we you can experience the freedom of travelling on your own without having to worry about safety, bookings and itinerary. So, why wait? Book your seat with us today!

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