Bali Wanderlust : Solo Women Adventure in the Tropical Paradise

Women only tour packages to Bali

19 Mar, 2024

Bali Wanderlust : Solo Women Adventure in the Tropical Paradise

Our next solo women adventure is all set to be in the Indonesian island of Bali. This destination became a hot spot after Julia Roberts cruised through this hidden gem in her world famous movie, ‘Eat Pray Love’. Through that the world came to know the beauty and natural wonders of Bali and added it to their travel bucket list. So, if you also want to take a trip to this island of dreams, then we have lists all the important things you must know before making the trip.

Best Time to Visit

Bali’s weather is marked by bright sunshine and tropical vibes with some rain in the monsoon. The place generally has two distinct seasons: dry and wet. May, June, and July are generally considered to be the best time to travel to Bali in terms of the weather. You can also plan your trip to Bali in the wet months if you are looking for cheap prices and least crowded places. If you are on a solo women trip to Bali, then we suggest researching about the weather beforehand so that you are prepared and pack accordingly.

Visa and other entry Requirements

The best thing about visiting Bali is the ease of access. Indians can enter the country without a visa. You will need a valid passport which must be valid for 6 months after you return to India from Bali. Along with a passport, it is also necessary to have proof of a return flight to India, confirmed accommodation in Indonesia and at least USD 100 per person for each day of your stay in Bali.

Once you land in Bali, a free Visa exemption stamp would be put on your passport and you can stay in the country for upto 30 days. If you want to extend your female solo trip, you can pay the visa on arrival fee and get it extended upto 60 days.

Getting to Bali from India

One can journey from India to Bali in multiple ways, but not all are efficient. Each mode of transportation has its own charm, and may appeal to a certain type of traveller. There are several airline options at all the four major metro airports in India to get to Bali. Bali flights from Chennai ****and Cochin are often the cheapest. Book your flights in advance for your solo women adventure in Bali to get the best prices.

If you wish to travel to Bali via the sea, then take a flight from Singapore, Sumatra or Java. From either of these places, you can book your ship and take an onward journey to Bali. However, it is not advisable and practical to travel to Bali by ship as the seas can turn rough leading to an unpleasant and avoidable experience.

Women only trip to Bali with Jugni

Must Visit Places

While Bali is full of beautiful attractions, there are a few places that every visitor must visit. Being filled with beautiful attractions throughout the country, it can get overwhelming for any first time visitor. You can also find a lot of women only tour packages for Bali that take care of all your arrangements and have amazing itinerary. But for the wanderlusts, we have listed down places that will make your women only trip to Bali, a worth remembering experience.

  • Ubud
  • Tanah Lot
  • Goa Gajah
  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces
  • Kuta Beach
  • Candidasa
  • Tirta Empul Temple
  • Mount Batur

Jugni tips for Bali

A very easy going and pleasant country, Bali is very easy to navigate and travel through. Here are our expert tips to make your solo women trip to Bali an easy, fun and smooth sail.

  • Whenever you visit a place of worship, cover up and dress modestly.
  • Definitely pack your walking shoes, sunscreen and bug spray for a comfortable trip
  • Always get travel insurance to avoid any unforeseen emergencies
  • Learning some basic Indonesian words would take you a long way.
  • Carry some cash on hand for smaller purchases and as backup.
  • Keep your passport and travel documents safe.

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