Solo Women’s Explorations  in Meghalaya and its Highlands 

07 Mar, 2024

Solo Women’s Explorations  in Meghalaya and its Highlands 

Our solo women’s explorations in Meghalaya was nothing short of an adventurous Indiana Jones movie. From trekking up the dense forests to jumping in the natural waterfalls, it truly hit our adventurous bones. We even went into the mystical caves to explore the ways of the past. The journey to the land of clouds was made all the more fun as it was a women only trip, where we let our inner children out. Among all the natural beauty and adventure, it was the people and culture of the place that truly stole our hearts. They were so welcoming and heart warming, telling us tales of their land, they surely made us feel a part of them.

Our Solo Women’s Exploration Begins!

Day 1

On our first day on this solo female travel tour to Meghalaya, we reached Guwahati in the morning and started our drive to Shillong. On the way we made a stop at the Barapani lake, also known as the Umiam lake. As we approached closer to the lake, we were mesmerised by the sheer size of it. You can also enjoy great water sport like kayaking, skiing and scooting. After our short excursion at the lake we reached Shillong around 4 in the evening where we check into our hotel, the Loft. It was a quaint and sere space that was perfect for a pit stop. We were also served with authentic Khasi food at the hotel. We had Jadoh, Ki Kpu and bamboo shoots. After this delicious food we went into our rooms and rested for the night.

Day 2

In the morning we started the adventurous Meghalaya trip for women. We drove for around for a few hours on the scenic roads of Meghalaya to reach the wettest place in India, Cherrapunji. After which we made a stop to enjoy a few adventure. Few of our zealous women tried zip lining through the forests of Meghalaya. Later we went to explore the Arwah caves on the way. This was an experience like no other, getting into the dark, dense and humid caves felt like we were on some treasure hunt.

Our guides were so helpful that they got us in touch with historical and geographical knowledge about these caves. After this fun-filled day, we head towards our resort called Smoky Falls Resort. Nestled between greenery and nature, this was the perfect place to unwind on this solo women’s explorations in Meghalaya.

Day 3

Our trip was taken to another level after our trek to the Living root bridge. A natural wonder, moulded by the indigenous people of the Khasi Tribe, this bridge is a spectacle in its own. But the trek to this bridge was something that took our breadths away. Through the dense and lush green forest, we climbed around 3km into the forest to reach the bridge, which was 3500 steps. These steps seemed a lot to us also but due to the beautiful route, it was worth every minute.

It was filled with gorgeous and clean villages, waterfalls, butterflies and many short and long bridges in between. Upon reaching the bridge we took a dip in the natural waterfall, wiping away all the tiredness. We had so much to process and keep in mind, we did not feel like doing anything and went back to our hotel and let everything sink in. Each one of was so happy and at peace after this day on our women only trip.

Day 4

We started our day early and got ready to explore the David Scott’s Trail. Even after being one of the most popular trekking route in Meghalaya, it was particularly less crowded. As we were still tired of yesterday’s expedition, we decided to explore the trailer in our traveller. We visited a few small waterfalls and dipped our legs in clear natural streams along the way.

We explored the Khasi villages along the way and talked to the local who let us into their daily lives and educated about their tradition and culture. All of them were so warm and welcoming, we did not feel like leaving. After spending the entire day on the trail, we headed back to our hotel and all us on this Meghalaya trip for women, got together and had a little fun in our resort. This allowed us to bond and know each other a little more.

Day 5

We were so touched by the hospitality of the locals in Meghalaya, we decided to spend an entire day in the Mawlynnong Village on Day 5 of this solo women’s explorations in Meghalaya. It is Asia’s cleanest village and we wanted to see how the community works to maintain this cleanliness. It was a 3 hour drive from our resort and the route was stunningly beautiful.

When we reached the village, we paid our visiting fees which is INR 100. After that we explored the village on foot majorly. Visited a living root bridge, climbed a bamboo watch tower and explored the flora of this beautiful village. We stayed overnight at this stunning chalet in the village . Upon talking to the villagers we realised that most of them were well versed in English and held Mother Nature above everything else. This was a day well spell with our women only travel group.

Day 6

This was our last day on our Meghalaya trip for women. So we got up a little early, explored the village, met some of the villagers again. We saw their morning routine of how everyone from children to elders made sure the village was clean. Around 11, we headed towards Dawki to see the Indo-Bangla border and experience the beauty of the transparent of Umngkot River. It offered a lot of adventure activities like, boating, snorkelling, kayaking, angling, etc. We decided to take Kayaks and explore the beautiful river. With this women-only travel group, it was like a small family vacation. Kayaking through the river, we were telling each other to look at different spots, like you do with friends and family.


This was the most difficult day of our 7 day women only trip. We not only explored beautiful destinations but also formed bonds that would stay our lifetime. Jugni’s solo women’s explorations in Meghalaya brought out the traveller in all of us and made us push out of our comfort zone. Saying goodbye was so much harder than taking a solo female travel tour to Meghalaya.

Taking your first solo trip is a big decision, to make it easy to with like minded girlies who are travellers like yourself. Jugni takes women only travel groups to international and national destinations and make sure your first solo trip is all that you have dreamt it to be. Click here to check our upcoming trips.

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