When Should I Start Travelling Solo? A question every solo female traveller has once asked.

28 Sep, 2023

When Should I Start Travelling Solo? A question every solo female traveller has once asked.

In our journey of more than 10 years, we have met so many people outside of Jugni – a female only travelling company, who have asked us about the right time to travel solo. We have never had a definite answer for them. Us being the nomad ourselves, we recommend solo travelling to each and everyone out there. So when we sat and thought hard about this question, we narrowed it down to three Cs : Comfort, Choice and Confidence

Assessing your level of Comfort

In this journey of travelling solo, making the first move is the most critical part. While you may feel that you are comfortable with the idea of travelling solo but before setting your foot into the field, there are a few things you should consider before actually doing it. You must assess if you are ready to let go of the comforts of your lifestyle and accept the less comfortable ways of solo travelling. Understand how much you are willing to let go and then see if that is enough to travel solo. Because no matter how rewarding and fulfilling solo travelling for females is, it sure does ask for some sacrifices.

Choice : fad or free will

Women all over the globe are choosing to travel solo because it doesn’t just give them joy, but because it is the way they sometimes find meaning and purpose in their lives. As more and more women decide to embark on their own solo travelling journeys, it can also pressurise a few of them to do it even before actually being ready. So, whenever you want to go on a solo trip, ask yourself, if it is your own decision or is it influenced by the fear of missing out. Getting inspired by someone’s solo travelling story is good but do not get swayed to make that decision for yourself before thinking it through. Make a choice that is entirely your own.

Boosting freedom with confidence

As a woman, there is always a point in our life where we have been stripped of our personal freedom. When it feels like you don’t even have control over decisions that affect you directly. This is the point where you start losing confidence in yourself and also the best time to go on a solo trip.

Travelling on your own will give you the freedom to make your own decisions. You won’t have to oblige anyone, you don’t have to go to the places you find boring and can actually do what you like. You will be the one in control which will boost your sense of freedom. A solo trip of females is like a fresh set of confidence batteries, it charges you right up.

Of course there is no right age and time to start travelling solo, it all depends on your readiness and will. So, if you want to travel solo but aren’t sure if you can do itentirely on your own, you can always sign up for women only travel packages with travel companies where your get the freedom to travel all on your own to your dream destinations and also gives you a support system to fall back on.

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